Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last night dinner seemed a little quieter then usual. It took us a minute to realize Bekah was out like a light. This picture does not show it well but there is some of her dinner stuck to her neck... saving it for a midnight snack I guess.

The kids spent every second of Christmas day playing with new toys. Bekah loved her new baby doll and bottle. She sat on the couch and fed her baby for over an hour! It was precious.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas!
Brand new pj's for all three. Bekah loves jammies. She calls them her "happies". Hyrum, however, would rather sleep naked. We often go in at night to find him in just underwear. What is it about boys stripping down?

The boys gave us a full hour of blissful quiet while they played in the living room with new tractors. I love the hats!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Hello everyone.... we are well, we are safe, we are happy. Living in Alaska is far from everyone... but we love you all and I promise to try harder to keep in touch and keep up the blogging.

Jace is getting so big! He came up with the idea of building a fishing rod out of knex. I found him sitting on the stairs fishing one snowy afternoon. I guess living in Alaska, it's probably a good time to start learning the art of fishing.
The kids love being by Grandma and Grandpa. Bekah finally feels comfortable enough to show off her pearly whites. What a cheesy smile!!

Grandpa took us out on his beautiful sailboat before the weather turned cold. We sailed around big lake. The kids loved the boat, especially seeing the huge salmon on the bottom of the lake.

Jace uses his hands to make his own sunglasses when he thinks it is too bright to watch a movie in the car... maybe I should just break down and buy him some.

A great fact about Canada: Almost every hotel we stayed in had a water slide.... Canada has the right idea. After driving all day in the car, having a nice hotel with a water slide was a little slice of heaven for everyone.

Here is Daddy and the kids having a blast breaking the rules and making trains on the slide. We were the only ones in the pool... it was so fun, one of our favorite parts of the trip.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Here we are at summit lake in British Columbia. The weather turned from autumn colors to snow storm. Apparently the buffalo and caribou like the cold weather because we didn't see any animals until summit lake, during the snow storm. It was beautiful!

Movin' on up.... ALASKA!

A much needed update... here are some pics of our journey through the Alcan. One of the most beautiful trips... We went at the perfect time to see the fall colors.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Here is Bekahs Mohawk right after the Bath!!

Bekah loves to play outside with her brothers. She usually sits right by them and pulls at the grass. Yesterday i looked outside and did not see her by the boys who were busy, diligently pulling weeds...( daddy is teaching them to be productive outside:) I panicked and ran outside... there sat Bekah inside the boys outside toy box . She played in there for 30 more minutes before coming inside. What a good girl!


Bekah turned one year old on May 29th! I cannot believe that my precious baby girl is so big! Bekah is such a good girl. She is our calm presence in a home filled with chaotic brothers. After she wakes up from a nap she will wait in her room singing or talking to herself until we go and get her. She spends her days playing quietly on the floor with stuffed animals, or following brothers or mommy around in our daily tasks. She just learned to walk, but prefers the speed of crawling. She has 8 teeth, creating a very big and cheesy smile, and her Daddy's bright blue eyes. She also has an unruly Mohawk on the top of her head and virtually no hair on the sides and back making her irresistibly adorable, (must be from her mothers side!) She is a beautiful little girl! We love our little Bekah!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Best Friends...

I am so thankful my little
boys are best friends!! They
do everything together.These
pictures are just another day
in the life of little brothers.
From a make believe ride on
a broomstick, (both are Harry)
to finding worms outside, and
of course stories with Daddy
they love each other. We love
these buddies!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Let it Stop...Let it Stop...Let it Stop!!!

Last Sunday, I commented on how glad i was that the snow was almost all melted from the backyard. Hurray!! Now the boys can play outside without losing gloves, hats, and boots in the deep snow! The next morning we awoke to find a foot of fresh snow on the ground accompanied by another foot of snow throughout the day. Well I guess a few more snow days won't hurt. Maybe we will have a treasure hunt when the snow melts!

Jace was proud of himself for writing his name in the snow, what a smart boy!

Here is our little mermaid! She can be a slippery little one!

a little bath time...

Last night, while Bekah was playing in the living room, I turned on the tub to give the boys a bath. Upon hearing the running water Bekah left her toys and headed to the bathroom. Move over brothers... a third bum is coming in!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I always look on blogs and see beautiful, clean children... in the Anderson home those kind of children are hard to come by. These pictures were taken right when the kids woke up. Hyrum had dressed himself in his favorite "clothes" and of course a man is not a man without his sword. Jace also dressed himself in shorts and an inside out t-shirt. Thankfully Bekah is still dressed in her jammies. As usual the battle to get everyone dressed in season appropriate/ modest clothes only took about half my morning. Needless to say mommy always wins the battle.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Yes, it has finally arrived. I am actually stepping into the blogging world! Thank you to Matt for setting this up years ago, and to the pressure from friends and family to "start a blog already!" I decided to begin by doing a quick update of 2008 from the Andersons. Definitely our biggest year yet.

*In May we greeted our first baby daughter, Rebekah Diane, taking us to a thriving family of five!!! Wow!!!

*In November we moved to Nibley UT! Time to set up some real roots! Who would have thought it would have been in Utah?

*We moved into our very first home! Actually a rental home, but not sharing our walls with people of questionable character (to put it nicely) and having a yard for the boys is worth mentioning!

*In December Joe graduated from Western States Chiropractic School! Joseph Anderson...DC!

What a crazy year we have had, but so much accomplished! To add to the update here are our newest family pictures. A friend took them in November, back in Portland.

Here is little Bekah. She is an angel.
Those big blue eyes come from her daddy!

We really lucked out with these pictures. A few days before we moved we had a day without rain and were able to take our pictures outside. The fall colors in Portland are amazing.

Here is Hyrum! He turned 3 in October. Stubborn doesn't even begin to describe Hyrums personality. I like to think eventually it will become a positive characteristiclike steadfast and immovable... its worth hoping for.

Joe and I took some time to hit the coast last summer, here we are at the beach. Our friends forced Joe to take some couple pics with me.. he would have rather been shot. Good thing he had no choice!

Jace will be 5 in June, and starting kindergarten in the fall. He is really growing up fast. He has a lot of...
energy... mostly a good thing I think. He and Hyrum are best friends.

More updates to come soon.