Thursday, February 26, 2009

I always look on blogs and see beautiful, clean children... in the Anderson home those kind of children are hard to come by. These pictures were taken right when the kids woke up. Hyrum had dressed himself in his favorite "clothes" and of course a man is not a man without his sword. Jace also dressed himself in shorts and an inside out t-shirt. Thankfully Bekah is still dressed in her jammies. As usual the battle to get everyone dressed in season appropriate/ modest clothes only took about half my morning. Needless to say mommy always wins the battle.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Yes, it has finally arrived. I am actually stepping into the blogging world! Thank you to Matt for setting this up years ago, and to the pressure from friends and family to "start a blog already!" I decided to begin by doing a quick update of 2008 from the Andersons. Definitely our biggest year yet.

*In May we greeted our first baby daughter, Rebekah Diane, taking us to a thriving family of five!!! Wow!!!

*In November we moved to Nibley UT! Time to set up some real roots! Who would have thought it would have been in Utah?

*We moved into our very first home! Actually a rental home, but not sharing our walls with people of questionable character (to put it nicely) and having a yard for the boys is worth mentioning!

*In December Joe graduated from Western States Chiropractic School! Joseph Anderson...DC!

What a crazy year we have had, but so much accomplished! To add to the update here are our newest family pictures. A friend took them in November, back in Portland.

Here is little Bekah. She is an angel.
Those big blue eyes come from her daddy!

We really lucked out with these pictures. A few days before we moved we had a day without rain and were able to take our pictures outside. The fall colors in Portland are amazing.

Here is Hyrum! He turned 3 in October. Stubborn doesn't even begin to describe Hyrums personality. I like to think eventually it will become a positive characteristiclike steadfast and immovable... its worth hoping for.

Joe and I took some time to hit the coast last summer, here we are at the beach. Our friends forced Joe to take some couple pics with me.. he would have rather been shot. Good thing he had no choice!

Jace will be 5 in June, and starting kindergarten in the fall. He is really growing up fast. He has a lot of...
energy... mostly a good thing I think. He and Hyrum are best friends.

More updates to come soon.