Thursday, November 17, 2011

The kids came home from school one day and made it a personal goal to rake all the leaves in the front yard. It took two blissful hours. They had so much fun raking and jumping in this huge pile.

Hyrum walked out of kindergarten with this adorable spider hat. I love it!!

We had a great Halloween holiday. Hyrum was Davey Crockett, Jace wanted to be a knight, and Bekah was a hula dancer. We had a carnival with some close friends and the kids had a blast. They had doughnuts on a string, decorating pumpkins, a cake walk, ghost bowling, ghost ghost witch, and tons of food. It was really fun to watch the kids in their costumes.


Jace and Hyrum lost teeth on the same day.

We took the kids bowling a few weeks ago and they loved it. I'm not going to bore you with numbers but I played my best game ever... Joe only won because i was feeling kind that day. :) as a side note, i might have played with the kid bumpers up.
Behind again...

Does anyone else feel continually behind? It's probably just me. :) As always the excuse is a busy couple of weeks. After a few months of Joe commuting back and forth from Idaho Falls to Rexburg, we decided to make life easier and make the move to Rexburg. Joe and I have moved many times in our 8 years of marriage... this is lucky number 16.... somehow it is a lot of work no matter how many times you do it. This time i had the added pleasure of finding a new school for the boys, mid school year. We had a place all picked out and the packing started, the kids registered and set to start and it fell through the week before we planned to move in. I quickly found a different place and then had to register the kids at a different school. We ended up moving the day before Hyrum's birthday, and two days before Halloween. We are finally in and settled and the kids are adjusting to new teachers and friends. Phew!!!! A little break before it is time to prepare for baby.

We had an early fall snow storm and the kids spent the day outside making a snow fort. Which allowed me to get a lot of packing out of the way. :)