Monday, December 12, 2011


After we had all stuffed ourselves we relaxed at our house. Since my parents and younger sister Erin weren't with us we took some time to do a little face time on my brother in laws computer. The kids gathered all around and yelled there favorite foods and things they had done that day. It was adorable and chaotic and I am sure my parents loved to see all the grand-kids. We missed them and hope they will be down next year.

Joe carving the bird. This was a huge turkey, defiantly the biggest I've ever made. Handsome and helpful. :)

Of course what is Thanksgiving without a little pie. I was so full by that point that I only had a small sliver. It was delicious and worth all the pregnancy heartburn that followed.

Here are most of the fun cousins eating pizza the night before Thanksgiving.

* note Hyrum's blanket wrapped around his shoulders... and the animal carcass by me... nothing like an animal carcass to make you feel the Thanksgiving spirit. :)


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. Five of my six siblings came with there families as well as my Aunt Deena. It was a blast. The cousins ran around, the football was on, and the food was so yummy!
My sister Emily and her husband Matt came a few days before and we had such a fun time with them. We drove out to the middle of nowhere and shot clay pigeons. The guys loved it.