Tuesday, March 27, 2012

and then there were four...

I cannot believe we are up to four kids... and beautiful ones, if I do say so myself. :)


The boys have recently joined a wrestling team and are loving it. It is the first sport they have been able to do and it is a blast to watch. This last weekend they had there first tournament. Jace did very well winning two out of his three matches. Hyrum wrestled hard and was excited when he received his consolation medal at the end. They had a weigh in the night before and were both in the same weight devision, ( that is the # written on there arms). It has been fun for Joe to help during the practices and for the boys to be able to practice with each other at home.

Big Sister

Rebekah is an absolute dream big sister. She is my right hand girl and helps me with anything and everything baby. She loves to sit by me and talk to " baby Grace". She is the first to throw away the diaper, get a burp cloth, sing a song, bring the phone or just sit and talk to me about all things mommy. I love having these two little girls next to each other. Bekah has nothing but love and concern for sister, I am one lucky mama.

Sweet Gracie

The bow up... and the bow down. She was completely asleep and content, almost like the bow acted as a sleep eye covering. We love this little one.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Gracie loves her big brothers! Jace was holding her the other day and she just stared up at him for the longest time.

This other pic is just before leaving the hospital.

She is perfect.

Daddy loves her! Even though this is number four, we had forgotten how much we love our newborns!!! There is nothing like holding a brand new little one. They are so sleepy and snuggly. One thing we do remember is how fast they grow up. We just want to soak up every moment with this little one. Not that we have favorites... because we don't.... but who doesn't love the one that isn't mouthy or throwing a tantrum or crying about what we are having for dinner? Its a nice break to look away from all the chaos to the peacefully sleeping baby.

Jace has had a little bit of a cough so we had him wear a mask. He is so concerned about her getting his cough that even now at home he wants to wear it to protect her.

Joe and I on our way to the hospital. The kids love baby sister. They all took turns holding her again and again.


We are happy to announce the arrival of sweet baby girl! Grace Emma was born on Thursday the 8th at 5pm. She weighed 7 pounds even and is 19 inches long, with a small amount of dark hair. She is a beautiful baby and has a sweet content personality. The labor was one of my better ones and we are both feeling great.