Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Here is Bekahs Mohawk right after the Bath!!

Bekah loves to play outside with her brothers. She usually sits right by them and pulls at the grass. Yesterday i looked outside and did not see her by the boys who were busy, diligently pulling weeds...( daddy is teaching them to be productive outside:) I panicked and ran outside... there sat Bekah inside the boys outside toy box . She played in there for 30 more minutes before coming inside. What a good girl!


Bekah turned one year old on May 29th! I cannot believe that my precious baby girl is so big! Bekah is such a good girl. She is our calm presence in a home filled with chaotic brothers. After she wakes up from a nap she will wait in her room singing or talking to herself until we go and get her. She spends her days playing quietly on the floor with stuffed animals, or following brothers or mommy around in our daily tasks. She just learned to walk, but prefers the speed of crawling. She has 8 teeth, creating a very big and cheesy smile, and her Daddy's bright blue eyes. She also has an unruly Mohawk on the top of her head and virtually no hair on the sides and back making her irresistibly adorable, (must be from her mothers side!) She is a beautiful little girl! We love our little Bekah!