Sunday, July 07, 2013

copy cat

Grace is growing so quick. She recently hit a new phase, little miss copy cat. She loves to follow the kids around and mimic what they do. Just recently Jace was spending some time in the corner, (hey you do the crime you pay the time!) and Grace decided to join in. What a silly little lady!

4th of July

We crossed 'watch a parade" off our summer bucket list and went to the Rexburg 4th of July parade. Joe and I are not big parade people, but it is fun to see the kids smile. They enjoyed all the candy being thrown at them. After the parade we headed to Nana and Papa's house for a BBQ and some slip and slide. That evening we did our own firework show, then sat on the front grass to watch some of the "big ones". It was a wonderfully simple 4th. We are so thankful to live in this great country.

The Spartan!

Last year Joe had a blast running the tough mudder race. This year he decided to try out the Spartan. I confess I had every intention of running it with him, but upon realizing I might be the only girl in what at the time seemed like a billion guys running it, I chickened out. I did however leave the kids with my in-laws and spent the day with my sister-in-law Sage, cheering on the guys and taking pics. This year, the Spartan race was a grueling 13 mile run with 28 obstacles, situated up in the mountains, (emphasis on the up) with most of the running uphill. It was a scorching 98 degrees that day! Joe ran it with my younger brother Scott and his younger brother Abe. It was so fun to watch them, especially at the obstacles. One difference between the spartan and the tough mudder is that if you can't do the obstacle then you have a penalty, 30 burpees, ( a combination of a squat jump and a push-up). I am proud to brag that Joe wasn't doing the burpees...yup he's that awesome. Like last year, i found myself wishing I was right in that mud hole too... one day. So proud of the guys!

9 years old

Jace turned 9 on June 22. We spent his birthday in Utah with family spending some time with my sister Erin who was leaving on a mission the following Wednesday. Jace loved spending time with cousins. We had doughnuts in the morning , picnic and playing at the park with cousins in the afternoon, had a blast ice blocking in the evening and ended with dinner, cake, and ice cream at Uncle Matts house.