Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An Alaska Summer...
Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to.

All the little dots of color behind us are people dipnetting. What a neat experience!

Last weekend we went dipnetting on the Kenai. It was a crazy sight to see. Thousands of people standing in a line in the ocean with huge nets held out to catch salmon. When they catch one they bring it in and bonk it on the head with a wooden club. Then right there on the beach they gut and clean the fish. The bones and head are thrown on the beach and swarms of seagulls eat them. My Dad and my brother and sister, Scott, and Erin caught 47 in all. Joe and I can't dipnet untill we become an official Alaska resident, after one year. Joe was on the beach with a table cleaning and cutting fish. The kids and I just watched in awe. The boys even took part in clubbing the fish. It was spectacle watching all the people and all the fish caught.

Some people also caught flounder or small halibut while dipnetting. Sadly this little baby halibut was left on the beach. Bekah was fascinated with this little guy.
The training wheels are off. Jace took to two wheels immediately.

Grandma and Grandpa took us to the beach in Homer. The tide was out and the kids found all sorts of treasures.

Camping at Ninilchek, and having a great time.
Here we are after a weekend in Ninilchek, fishing for king salmon with my parents. We traveled to homer for church on Sunday. Check out this view of Homer.
Here is Joe about halfway up.
Joe and I went on a night hike to half mile peak, a few blocks up from my parents house. It's more then half a mile, trust me, it takes you straight up to the mountains behind my parents house. It is so amazing to have such beautiful views and outdoor activities literally right outside your front door.

Jace had his 6th birthday on the 22nd of June. He had his first real birthday party, and of course it was a spiderman theme. We played musical chairs, hot potato, balloon volleyball, hide and seek, simon says, and follow the leader. Then the kids had macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets and decorated cupcakes. I was exhausted by the end. Jace loved it. The mommy in the pic is a friend Katherine.

Our house is on the end of our street. We have neighbors on our right, but on the left is a slight dropoff into the forest. This lush patch of grass is one of Bekah's favorite places to sit. Sometimes she is so deep I can only see her red hat. Behind us is also forest. The kids love to play in there and find sticks and treasures.

We hiked Thunderbird Falls several weeks ago. It is a Beautiful hike ending, of course, with a beautiful look at the waterfall. Of Course the boys and I went a little closer for a pic. This interesting tree was along the way, and since we have some expert climbers in the family, naturally they climbed up. In case your wondering... no this is not our dog... kodiak us my parents dog. The kids love him.
Daddy took the boys fishing early before work one day. A small pond is across the street and in the forest from our home. No luck with fish... but they did see a family of beavers hard at work.

On the side of our house the boys searched the forest and made this tepee. Many an hour was spent outside collecting materials.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

wow.. what a close up!

Here are a few pictures of us... we love you all
There are no excuses... here is a much needed update.

Joe and I are still here in beautiful Alaska, Joe working as an associate chiropractor. The weather has turned warm and the daylight is crazy! It now stays light till midnight, and then the light returns around 5:30 am. I have not minded the extra sunshine... though a certain bird loves to perch outside our bedroom window and chirp all night... i need a slingshot or something.

Jace just lost his first tooth and the bottom one to the left is hanging on by a toothy thread. Its all I can do to not yank it out for him. I now understand my Dads "help" with my loose teeth growing up. He will be starting kindergarten this year. In Alaska that means full day school. I think he is more ready then i am.

Hyrum is growing so big! He is 4 and off in his own little world. He loves to pretend and plays by himself a lot, mumbling about something he is pretending. usually it involves a superhero. He often spaces out while we are talking to him and then makes a random statement like, " are all pirates bad?" or " I love pudding."Enough said.

Bekah turns two on the 29th of May. She is talking all the time, either repeating what we said or asking for something... usually food. Each morning when we go in her room she says the cutest "good morning". Joe is in the palm of her little hand. She has a lot of emotion and drama in her and has a literal melt down when she is denied something. Her hair is finally coming in and just long enough to put into pig tails. When she throws a fit and her hair is done she screams and yanks out her hair ties and throws them on the floor. It would be more hilarious if some precious hair didn't always come out with the ties.