Thursday, November 07, 2013

Harvest Carnival

A few weeks ago BYU-I had there annual harvest carnival. It was so much fun! The kids enjoyed all the games. They were pretty amazing at getting those doughnuts off the strings. Bobbing for apples. This would be so easy if I could fully commit like Joe and not have to worry for a second about the damage done to my hair and mascara... oh to be bald and care free!!!! ( side note a few weeks after this carnival we found out Bekah has mono...(she is asleep on the couch as I type this) im just saying maybe bobbing for apples isn't a smart idea)the kids did love it though! Face painting. They had some college students doing the face painting. Bekah wasn't too happy with her rainbow, and Grace kept trying to escape back to the doughnuts. They had one game with a huge pool of fish, you could catch one, (with your hands) and they would cook it up for you on this big grill. The boys were all over this one. Hyrums fish was very lively! We were shocked when Bekah decided to catch a fish, and reached down and picked one out like a pro.

Fall soccer season

Both Jace and Hyrum had the opportunity to play soccer this past fall. They both worked so hard and were excellent players. Hyrum was lucky enough to have Dad coach his team! Joe really enjoyed the time with Hyrum... but it might be safe to say its the end of his soccer coaching days. :) I was really impressed with how well the boys did, and the girls and I loved cheering them on!

First day of school

Finally retrieved off of Dads phone, here is the boys first day of school pic. The bus was just down the street and the boys were worried they would miss it. Funny, in a few years they might be wishing they would miss the bus! They might not look happy but they sure look Handsome! Jace is now in third grade and Hyrum in 2nd.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


All the kids were excited for school to start this fall but especially Miss Rebekah. She had been talking non-stop (literally...she gets it from me) all summer about wearing a backpack, new school shoes, and riding the bus with her big brothers. Of my three older kids I think Rebekah was the most emotionally prepared and excited to go to school. She walked right into class hung up her bag found her name tag and sat down. Kids all around her were in tears, but not Rebekah. Joe and i hung around for a minute but pretty soon it was clear that we were staying because of my attachment issues, not hers. When she came home it was like she had been going to school for years. She loves it, and looks forward to when "she can eat her lunch at school like her brothers".

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

random bits

Here are a few random pics. * Here is Grace after she had eaten 1/2 of an oreo...thats right...1/2 people! *Grandma came down from Alaska to help with a new grand baby and we had a park date. So many grandchildren! *Gracie looking so cute taking a cat nap *I love this picture of the girls. Grace loves to watch tv cuddled up next to Bekah. She is finally starting to get some hair...barely. * Classic iron rod object lesson. The kids were blindfolded because Dad was talking about how dark the mists of darkness can be, and how even if we cant see the way we can hold on tight to what we know is right. The kids loved it! *Grace enjoying her first experience with a hammock. We could not get her out! *Jace has been loving scouts and working hard at earning badges. Last pack night the Bishop awarded him with his religious square knot. *This summer the kids and some friends made boats and then had a boat race at the Nature park canal.

Girls Camp

I was lucky enough to go to some of girls camp with my ward this year. Camp sure has changed since I was in young womens! These girls had it rough with roomy cabins, hot showers, a swimming pool, and a huge maintained grass field. Even the fires were in beautifully finished fire pits outside of each cabin with nice log benches. Um...ya... that wasn't how good old Taylor Ranch Ward did it. The core things were the same though. Tons of fun, food, games, pranks, and time to strengthen our testimonies and ponder. We had amazing girls and super fun leaders.* The last pic is our Young Womens president and the 2nd counselor.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

copy cat

Grace is growing so quick. She recently hit a new phase, little miss copy cat. She loves to follow the kids around and mimic what they do. Just recently Jace was spending some time in the corner, (hey you do the crime you pay the time!) and Grace decided to join in. What a silly little lady!

4th of July

We crossed 'watch a parade" off our summer bucket list and went to the Rexburg 4th of July parade. Joe and I are not big parade people, but it is fun to see the kids smile. They enjoyed all the candy being thrown at them. After the parade we headed to Nana and Papa's house for a BBQ and some slip and slide. That evening we did our own firework show, then sat on the front grass to watch some of the "big ones". It was a wonderfully simple 4th. We are so thankful to live in this great country.

The Spartan!

Last year Joe had a blast running the tough mudder race. This year he decided to try out the Spartan. I confess I had every intention of running it with him, but upon realizing I might be the only girl in what at the time seemed like a billion guys running it, I chickened out. I did however leave the kids with my in-laws and spent the day with my sister-in-law Sage, cheering on the guys and taking pics. This year, the Spartan race was a grueling 13 mile run with 28 obstacles, situated up in the mountains, (emphasis on the up) with most of the running uphill. It was a scorching 98 degrees that day! Joe ran it with my younger brother Scott and his younger brother Abe. It was so fun to watch them, especially at the obstacles. One difference between the spartan and the tough mudder is that if you can't do the obstacle then you have a penalty, 30 burpees, ( a combination of a squat jump and a push-up). I am proud to brag that Joe wasn't doing the burpees...yup he's that awesome. Like last year, i found myself wishing I was right in that mud hole too... one day. So proud of the guys!

9 years old

Jace turned 9 on June 22. We spent his birthday in Utah with family spending some time with my sister Erin who was leaving on a mission the following Wednesday. Jace loved spending time with cousins. We had doughnuts in the morning , picnic and playing at the park with cousins in the afternoon, had a blast ice blocking in the evening and ended with dinner, cake, and ice cream at Uncle Matts house.