Thursday, November 07, 2013

Harvest Carnival

A few weeks ago BYU-I had there annual harvest carnival. It was so much fun! The kids enjoyed all the games. They were pretty amazing at getting those doughnuts off the strings. Bobbing for apples. This would be so easy if I could fully commit like Joe and not have to worry for a second about the damage done to my hair and mascara... oh to be bald and care free!!!! ( side note a few weeks after this carnival we found out Bekah has mono...(she is asleep on the couch as I type this) im just saying maybe bobbing for apples isn't a smart idea)the kids did love it though! Face painting. They had some college students doing the face painting. Bekah wasn't too happy with her rainbow, and Grace kept trying to escape back to the doughnuts. They had one game with a huge pool of fish, you could catch one, (with your hands) and they would cook it up for you on this big grill. The boys were all over this one. Hyrums fish was very lively! We were shocked when Bekah decided to catch a fish, and reached down and picked one out like a pro.