Monday, January 16, 2012

For Christmas the kids got boxing gloves and a hunting video game. They can't wait for Dad to get home and play.

This pic is for you Mom and Dad Here I am in all my pregnancy glory. I have been feeling great and am beginning the countdown till baby comes. About 10 weeks to go.
This is our attempt to take family pictures after church on Christmas day. We tried a lot of different poses and all were awkward. These were the best of the group. We are not sure where Jace gets his forced smile look from but rest assured we are going to work on that. It is always entertaining for me to watch Joe set up the camera stand, push the button and race over to make it into the picture. I think all the kids were kicked at one point or another by him leaping over them to sit down.
We had a wonderful Christmas, and really enjoyed having it on Sunday this year. We were able to enjoy what Santa had brought, get ready for church and after church open presents. Jace and Hyrum got scooters, and crazy enough Idaho has had a very light snowfall this year. They immediately went out into the brisk weather to try them out.

Christmas Morning! Here the kids are waiting at the top of the stairs. It was a pleasant surprise that they did not wake up any earlier then normal... we were very grateful and only a little bleary eyed.


On Christmas Eve morning we took the kids for a little swim at the clubhouse pool. Here are Hylo and Bekah walking home. We had a wonderful seafood lunch with our Anderson family. We exchanged gifts the cousins played and we ate way too much yummy food. We made it home in the evening to enjoy all the holiday traditions. We left oats out for the reindeer, treats and eggnog for Santa, set out stockings, and of course we all opened a present. After some toast and hot chocolate we read the night before Christmas and then ended with the nativity. It was a wonderful night full of excitement and suspense. I love Christmas!!!


We got an extra bonus this Christmas when we found a beautiful tree in our town home crawl space, left behind by some previous tenant... finders keepers! We loved decorating it. Poor Hyrum was feeling a little sick, he helped put on the star.