Tuesday, April 30, 2013

at the doctors office

I snapped this picture yesterday at the doctors office. We were there for a yucky case of pink eye, but the fish tank makes everything better.

Chicken Little

A few months ago Hyrum's first grade class began working on a play called 'Lemonade'. Hyrum was super excited when he was given the part of chicken little. As the mom in charge of costume design I wasn't as excited. I had nothing at home possibly resembling a chicken. Thanks to a hot glue gun and some cheap feather boa's from e-bay I was able to come up with this costume for his play. I think he looks pretty darn adorable if I do say so myself... the boy and the feathers! He did an amazing job with his lines and all the songs. He was defiantly realistic as a chicken as his costume molted the entire play. Any time he moved a light fluff of white feathers fell to the floor. By the end of the play his spot was covered. Nice job chicken little!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ready for School

We had kindergarten registration and shots this last week. Rebekah was so brave for her shots, ( all 4 of them). Joe and I took her out for a special date after the shots and her screening. Of course she picked this outfit and accessories all by herself.

Pine Wood Derby Time!

We experienced our first pine wood derby this last week. Joe and Jace spent a lot of the weekend working on Jace's car. Jace spent hours sanding and looking through pictures online of what shape he wanted his car to be. When we went into the church gym on pack night the whole track set up seemed a lot more official then I remembered it being with my three brothers. As I watched all the other scouts bring in there cars I was pretty impressed and a little nervous for Jace. Sure enough our car was not the fastest. At one point after Jace had come in dead last for his first 4 races, I told him to try racing backwards, just for fun. On his next race he raced backwards and won first! His face at the finish line was total shock and delight. From then on he raced backwards....and naturally he didn't win any more. I was a little worried thinking he was going to be embarrassed or feel bad, but he left with a big smile and said he had a lot of ideas for next year. He and Hyrum will both be in the pine wood derby next year and they are excited to build cars and race together. I sure am proud of this Kid!

Girls Weekend!

My sister Emily is almost due with her first baby and has recently moved back into the USA from Australia. To celebrate her first baby and her being close again, my older sister Jani and I took a little weekend trip to Salt Lake to spend some time together. We had way to much fun and will definitely be making it an annual trip. Here we are doing some shopping in Salt Lakes city creek mall, eating at the cheesecake factory, and our finished pedicures in our hotel room. I have more pictures with the three of us, I just need a little help getting them off my phone. More to come.

Conference Holiday!

We love General Conference at our house, ( for any reading that don't know what that is its a semi-annual conference of our church where our Prophet and other church leaders speak and teach us). Keeping after Clayton tradition we have special treats for each of the four sessions and other fun activities for the kids to do while they listen. My kids love it so much that we refer to it as "Conference Holiday". When I was a kid it felt like the four sessions were so long and took all day, now it seems to fly by.


Easter morning was early for us since church starts at 8:30. The kids were up early to see what the bunny had left in there baskets. Already having a sample of Easter treats. Grace loved her Easter Basket. Sorry the pics are blurry, she was to busy pulling out the grass and candy to hold still. We wanted to get family pics but Joe was so busy after church I ended up snapping a quick picture of the oldest three outside of the church, while holding Grace. Then I handing the phone to Jace to take a picture of Grace and I. I intended to get a family picture later, but the day got away from me.