Thursday, September 08, 2011

Baby Number 4!!!!!!!

That's right friends!! Baby number four is on the way. We could not be more excited. I am about 14 weeks and due on March 9. We waited to tell the kids until after my first doctors appointment so I was able to show them pictures. They were jumping up and down and kept asking to see my stomach. The next Sunday was fast Sunday and in primary they asked if anyone wanted to come up and share something that they knew was true. Jace goes up and says, " I know there is a baby in my moms tummy and I know it is a boy." So much for keeping that secret. We are so happy and looking forward to a new little addition.

Uncle Scott

My awesome younger brother Scott is going to be living with us for the fall semester of school at BYU-Idaho. We are so excited to have him staying. He makes everything a little happier and a little funnier. He will be taking Joe's Anatomy class this semester and I think it will be fun for them. Here he is with some of the nieces and nephews.

Back to school

I cannot believe it's time for school. This year Jace starts 1st grade and Hyrum starts kindergarten. They were so excited and eager to set out clothes and get backpacks all packed with school supplies. I walked the kids to school and they both looked so grown up and ready to start. I was holding strong dropping off Jace, but I got emotional watching Hyrum find his seat and put his bag away. I finally had to leave so he wouldn't see me weeping like a baby. I am so proud of these boys! On the way home from dropping the boys off Bekah says, " Now it's just you and me Mom." So cute.


A Little Backyard football

There is nothing like watching Joe and the kids play football in the backyard. They have such a good time. The kids wait for him and when he walks in they run and get the football.

A little girl time...

Joe took the boys to a baseball game and Bekah and I had time for just the two of us. In true girl form Bekah wanted to watch a Tinkerbell movie and paint our nails. She may look like Dad but she takes after Mom... she chatted my ear off the entire time. It was really fun to be just the two of us.


I can't believe the summer is coming to an end. We have been keeping busy and having a blast.