Sunday, January 30, 2011

a quick pic before church...

Rebekah and her many costumes...

Rebekah loves to wear dress-ups all the time! her outfit is not complete without some dress-up theme. Her favorite is a too small pink tutu that grandma gave her. Its too small to pull up all the way but she wears it halfway and it makes her feel "beautiful". She also has green frog slippers and a Davey Crockett vest and hat that she is pretty attached to.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Notice the princess shoes... we had to pry them off her feet for bedtime.

Christmas Morning. Bekah loved her little kitchen set and the boys got some transformers and new blankets. It was a light Christmas, but a sweet one. Hello morning hair. Bekah must get her morning fro from mama.

We spent the Christmas holidays with Joe's parents. It was fun to spend some time with Nana and Papa. We took the kids sledding and made roasted marshmallow's in papa's fireplace.

Our ferry docked in Bellingham on Friday morning. We had scheduled to pick up our trailer in Seattle that morning, so we drove an hour to Seattle. We were a little frustrated when we got there and the dock yard was closed for the Thanksgiving weekend. We called all the people we had used to arrange the transport of the trailer and they all said it must have been a communication error and there was nothing they could do... we could pick up the trailer on Monday morning. So we spent the weekend in Seattle. The kids loved the swimming pool and we had pizza and PB &J. We also attended sacrament meeting in our jeans and sweatshirts.

On one of our stops we ran off the ferry in the pouring rain, across the docks to a small grocery store. We bought some sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles for the kids to frost on Thanksgiving Day. It was a little tight, but they loved it.

We saw some beautiful snowy landscapes during our 14 hours of driving to Haines.

Moving Back Down...

Our time in Alaska has been a once in a life time experience. We loved living by Mom and Dad and Erin and loved the beautiful Alaska scene. After lots of prayer and thought, we have decided to move to Idaho Falls. Its a long story but we feel truly blessed to have had the experience to live in Eagle River. We made wonderful friends and have many memories. We had originally planned to drive through Canada again like we did on the move up, but after some unexpected trouble with the trailor we decided to ship the trailor by barge and take the ferry. The ferry did not have an opening for two weeks, so we spent some time with Mom and Dad and then drove to Haines Alaska, where the ferry loaded. We spent 3 days and 4 nights on the ferry in a little cabin. It was a neat experience. The ferry had a little theater that played movies and we walked around the deck and played in the tiny cabin. We also had some stop overs in Juno, and Sitka. We got off and walked around the town and got ice cream.
Here we are on the ferry Thanksgiving day. The kids loved the bunk beds in the small cabin. They sat and played up there with little toys and coloring books. The picture is taken from the top of the other bunk bed.