Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bekah was really excited about the empty space left behind. She kept pointing and saying , "Jace, its gone!' and then laughing.
Jace has had a loose tooth for the last several days, and Hyrum and Bekah have been helping out with ideas for getting it out. Today as we were finishing scriptures, Jace was busy wiggling away. With a little coaxing from Mom and Dad, and with Hyrum''s reassurance of the tooth fairy money, Jace let me "Help" and out it popped. Might I add that Joe tried to get it out with pliers and a washcloth and was not successful. I yanked it out. He says he is too kind to do that... it's true... Joe is the kind one... and I am the one that gets it done. No pain, no gain. :) Of course everyone wants a picture on such an exciting day.

Nothing like family night treat... you gotta love all the dye they put into walmart cookies. Blue fingers+blue teeth+blue tongue= happy boys. We love these kids, we can't believe how big they are getting... when did that happen?