Monday, March 16, 2009

Let it Stop...Let it Stop...Let it Stop!!!

Last Sunday, I commented on how glad i was that the snow was almost all melted from the backyard. Hurray!! Now the boys can play outside without losing gloves, hats, and boots in the deep snow! The next morning we awoke to find a foot of fresh snow on the ground accompanied by another foot of snow throughout the day. Well I guess a few more snow days won't hurt. Maybe we will have a treasure hunt when the snow melts!

Jace was proud of himself for writing his name in the snow, what a smart boy!

Here is our little mermaid! She can be a slippery little one!

a little bath time...

Last night, while Bekah was playing in the living room, I turned on the tub to give the boys a bath. Upon hearing the running water Bekah left her toys and headed to the bathroom. Move over brothers... a third bum is coming in!