Sunday, May 16, 2010

wow.. what a close up!

Here are a few pictures of us... we love you all
There are no excuses... here is a much needed update.

Joe and I are still here in beautiful Alaska, Joe working as an associate chiropractor. The weather has turned warm and the daylight is crazy! It now stays light till midnight, and then the light returns around 5:30 am. I have not minded the extra sunshine... though a certain bird loves to perch outside our bedroom window and chirp all night... i need a slingshot or something.

Jace just lost his first tooth and the bottom one to the left is hanging on by a toothy thread. Its all I can do to not yank it out for him. I now understand my Dads "help" with my loose teeth growing up. He will be starting kindergarten this year. In Alaska that means full day school. I think he is more ready then i am.

Hyrum is growing so big! He is 4 and off in his own little world. He loves to pretend and plays by himself a lot, mumbling about something he is pretending. usually it involves a superhero. He often spaces out while we are talking to him and then makes a random statement like, " are all pirates bad?" or " I love pudding."Enough said.

Bekah turns two on the 29th of May. She is talking all the time, either repeating what we said or asking for something... usually food. Each morning when we go in her room she says the cutest "good morning". Joe is in the palm of her little hand. She has a lot of emotion and drama in her and has a literal melt down when she is denied something. Her hair is finally coming in and just long enough to put into pig tails. When she throws a fit and her hair is done she screams and yanks out her hair ties and throws them on the floor. It would be more hilarious if some precious hair didn't always come out with the ties.