Wednesday, September 05, 2012


The first weekend after school started we took the kids camping to Bear lake with three of my brothers and families. We had so much fun camping and telling stories around the fire Friday night then playing in the beautiful lake all day Saturday. We had a jet ski and a water trampoline that the kids loved. I had to pry Joe and my two brothers off of the jet ski at the end of the day. It was a blast and hopefully it will become a family tradition. ... you might notice some of these children do not belong to me. Some of my nieces and nephews were too adorable to not post some of the pics i got of them as well.


I cant believe it's time for school again! This year Jace is in second grade and Hyrum is in first. They were really excited and after a big breakfast they were ready for the big day.


This summer we fixed cars, helped with yard work, and slept in... for the record I have no idea why Rebekah is sleeping in underware... weird.
we... caught some wildlife, lost some teeth, tried new foods, and played on a huge water slide.
Every time we see a rack of sunglasses the kids love to try them on and see which ones make them look the most like "bugs". I have to laugh at the boys because they always seem to find the gigantic girl ones make the best option for looking like a bug. Bekah on the other hand makes any pair look stylish.

Little Miss Grace

Gracie is growing so fast. At 6 months old she is a slobbery, smiling mess. I cannot say that she is my easiest baby, but I can say she is adorable, even when she is sleeping. She loves to be held and rocked and played with, but the second the attention is on something else she makes sure we know its not ok with her. She hates tummy time so she has yet to crawl but she has perfected the art of using her heels to scoot backwards on her back. She will scoot all across the room till she hits her head on something. Which usually takes the fun out of it. :)

Clayton Family Reunion

Over the 4th of July we had a family reunion with the Clayton side. It was a blast eating and visiting while little cousins ran wild. We were all there minus my very cool sister Emily and her awesome hubby Matt who live in Australia, (they were sorely missed) These pics are from the games we played with the kids. Three legged race, balloon toss, sponge over your head game... ( does that have a name?) After all the games we ended with a huge water balloon fight.


A few days after Jace's birthday he was baptized. It was a beautiful day for Jace and for Mom and Dad.