Friday, March 08, 2013

Grace turns One!!!

We can hardly believe it, little Gracie turned one. She still seems so little to me, maybe because of her hair... or lack thereof. We had a fun low key birthday with balloons, cupcakes, and a few small gifts. She loved it. The cupcake alone made her day. Here she is birthday morning in a big pile of balloons. She was pretty hilarious with her cupcake. We lit her candle and while singing I was holding her hands to keep her away from the fire, she got so upset as soon as I took the candle out she yanked that cupcake away from me and stuffed the whole top part in her mouth. We love our Gracie so much. What a cheesy little smile! Happy Birthday Gracie-lou!


Here I am behind in the blogging world again. All moms reading this understand when I say its just been busy, and blogging was always on the bottom of my to-do list. Here is a quick catch up on what we have been doing. My little brother Scott has been staying with us till his school track starts up in April. He is a blast to have around and the kids love him... especially Grace. Their relationship is based on Uncle Scott holding her whenever she cries, and giving her bites of any food he is eating. Sounds like a solid relationship to me. Jace completed his first huge school project, ( a research paper and presentation on President James Garfield... yup he is in second grade)He did such a great job! We have been doing a lot of swimming at the clubhouse pool. Here the kids are getting ready to have a jumping contest, who can make the littlest splash. The kids love to compete so we do quite a few little contests, biggest splash, best cannonball, highest jump, farthest jump. They love it! It has been very cold and snowy this year. Despite that the kids hurry home from school, finish homework, chow down on a snack and bundle up to play outside. They have made some pretty impressive snow forts. Here is Bekah heading out. A few weeks ago Rebekah invited a few friends over for a tea party. Bekah made sure it was official with dress-ups and little finger foods. Even Grace was dressed up for the occasion. Bekah got a new haircut. Now we can see those pretty eyes. Grace on the other hand has no problem showing of her beautiful eyes as she is completely bald... not a single strand of hair. At least she never has a bad hair day. We went to Utah to see our nephew Bronson get baptized. It was wonderful to see him and all our other great cousins and aunts and uncles. We attempted to take a picture of some of the cousins. Some of the little ones thought that was pretty traumatic. :)