Thursday, September 26, 2013


All the kids were excited for school to start this fall but especially Miss Rebekah. She had been talking non-stop (literally...she gets it from me) all summer about wearing a backpack, new school shoes, and riding the bus with her big brothers. Of my three older kids I think Rebekah was the most emotionally prepared and excited to go to school. She walked right into class hung up her bag found her name tag and sat down. Kids all around her were in tears, but not Rebekah. Joe and i hung around for a minute but pretty soon it was clear that we were staying because of my attachment issues, not hers. When she came home it was like she had been going to school for years. She loves it, and looks forward to when "she can eat her lunch at school like her brothers".

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

random bits

Here are a few random pics. * Here is Grace after she had eaten 1/2 of an oreo...thats right...1/2 people! *Grandma came down from Alaska to help with a new grand baby and we had a park date. So many grandchildren! *Gracie looking so cute taking a cat nap *I love this picture of the girls. Grace loves to watch tv cuddled up next to Bekah. She is finally starting to get some hair...barely. * Classic iron rod object lesson. The kids were blindfolded because Dad was talking about how dark the mists of darkness can be, and how even if we cant see the way we can hold on tight to what we know is right. The kids loved it! *Grace enjoying her first experience with a hammock. We could not get her out! *Jace has been loving scouts and working hard at earning badges. Last pack night the Bishop awarded him with his religious square knot. *This summer the kids and some friends made boats and then had a boat race at the Nature park canal.

Girls Camp

I was lucky enough to go to some of girls camp with my ward this year. Camp sure has changed since I was in young womens! These girls had it rough with roomy cabins, hot showers, a swimming pool, and a huge maintained grass field. Even the fires were in beautifully finished fire pits outside of each cabin with nice log benches. Um...ya... that wasn't how good old Taylor Ranch Ward did it. The core things were the same though. Tons of fun, food, games, pranks, and time to strengthen our testimonies and ponder. We had amazing girls and super fun leaders.* The last pic is our Young Womens president and the 2nd counselor.